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What is Food Tech about?

FTD Logo Degree: Bachelor of Technology (Honours) (Food)

The Food Technology program was established in 1973. It is a four-year program that involves the practical application of "Food Science" to preserve, process, package, distribute, and safely provide nutritious and wholesome sustenance to consumers.

When you obtain a Food Tech undergrad degree, you can work in the industry and academia where your main goal is to improve the quality and safety of foods and, more excitingly, create new food products. You would be working with the latest advancement in basic research, process engineering, packaging technology, and management techniques that are part of the food production chain. Our program is specifically designed to provide technical knowledge to support the food processing industry to be more efficient and with minimal waste.

IFT SealA programme accredited by the US Institute of Food Technologists.

Our Food Tech program is the first undergrad programme in Malaysia that is IFT-approved. This means that the programme is internationally recognised and will provide you with many global career opportunities.

Entry Requirements

Curriculum Structure (for cohort 2017/2018)

Curriculum Structure (for cohort 2020/2021)

A Career in Food Tech

Food technologists use science and engineering laws to produce, process, evaluate, package, and distribute foods. They may concentrate on basic research, product development, quality control, processing, packaging, labelling, technical sales, or market research. Food technologists are also involved in monitoring and developing new food products and working together with production engineers to produce consistent flavour, colour, and texture in large quantities. According to industry and government specifications and regulations, food technologists may develop ways to process, preserve, package, or store food. They may work in production or technical management. They check on food standards, laws, and safety. They also look into sanitation, water supply and waste management.


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