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Bakti Siswa 2019/2020

On the 21 until 23 February 2020, Industrial Technology Society organized a community service which often called as “bakti siswa” at Kg. Charuk Nau, Baling,Kedah. During the whole program, we stayed at foster parent’s home. The purpose of our stay at the foster parents' home is to enhance the camaraderie between the members of the club and the villagers. One of the main activities committed by us during the visit was teaching English and Mathematics for the UPSR exam candidates. Besides, we also help the students to build their self-esteem to be more confident for their further studies in the future. Teamwork is also implied throughout the whole program, which is crucial especially in the times when these students have to solve tasks in a team. We can conclude that this program brings a ton of new experience to us as well as enhancing the bond between us, the students and the villagers.


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