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Atmospheric Sciences

Weather forecasting

Atmospheric science is an applied field about the structure and evolution of the atmosphere and the phenomena that occur within it. It is a combination of the areas of physics, chemistry, and fluid dynamics. Hence, it can be categorised into two sub-fields:

  1. Atmospheric Physics
  2. Atmospheric Chemistry

Research in Atmospheric Physics includes the application of physics to the study of the atmosphere (is related to meteorology and climatology). It involves studies using fluid flow equations, chemical models, radiation budget, and energy transfer processes in the atmosphere.

Research in Atmospheric Chemistry focuses on chemical processes within the Earth's atmosphere, including photochemistry of gas compounds; the formation and properties of airborne aerosol particles; gas-particle interactions; cloud processes; emission, transport, and dispersion of chemical.

The application of atmospheric science is weather forecasting so that we can use it to make informed decisions on the economy, resource management, and military.

Please visit atmosfera.usm.my to see more about our research on atmosphere-sea interaction.

The academic staff also apply what they learned from their research courses at the undergrad and postgrad levels. Courses that include the atmospheric science field in its syllabus are:

Bachelor of Technology (Environmental)

Master of Science (Environment)


Atmospheric Physics Researchers

Dr. Yusri Yusup
Dr. Yusri Yusup
Degree: B.Eng (USM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D. (UKM) Expertise: Data analysis; eddy covariance; air-land interaction; air-water interaction; air quality modeling

Atmospheric Chemistry Researchers

Dr. Norhaniza Amil
Dr. Norhaniza Amil
Degree: B.Tech (USM), M.SafetySci (UNSW), Ph.D. (UKM) Expertise: Particulate matter (PM) characterization; chemical composition and particle number distribution (PNC); source apportionment of atmospheric aerosol; atmospheric pollution and human health; occupational health and safety

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