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USMxOIT Joint International Programme 2024

 USMxOIT Program Summary
USM PENANG, 29 FEBRUARY 2024 - The School of Industrial Technology (PPTI) at USM Penang warmly welcomed 12 delegates from the Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT), Japan, for an enriching one-week program spanning from 29th February to 6th March 2024, encompassing activities both at USM and across Penang Island. Themed "Global Harmony: Sustainable Future, Cultural Roots," this collaborative endeavor engaged 10 OIT students alongside 8 PPTI students in a diverse array of lectures and interactive sessions across all four divisions of PPTI: Bioprocess Technology, Food Technology, Bioresource Technology, and Environmental Technology. 
Throughout the program, participants were immersed in various important subjects, including the critical awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the intricate process behind crafting traditional fermented foods such as tapai utilizing microorganisms, the production of butter, the innovative utilization of waste as sustainable raw materials, and the practice of biocomposting. In addition to academic pursuits, OIT students were introduced to the richness of Malay culture through an engaging session on the traditional dance, "Joget," which they enthusiastically embraced. Furthermore, they were provided with an enlightening visit to Masjid Al-Malik Khalid, USM, offering valuable insights into Islam and the Muslim community at large. 
In conclusion, the feedback from students involved in the program has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the enriching and immersive experience they encountered throughout the week. Students from both USM and OIT expressed deep appreciation for the diverse range of topics covered, citing the hands-on activities and interactive lectures as particularly insightful and engaging. Many lauded the opportunity to delve into pressing global issues such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and sustainable practices, which they found both intellectually stimulating and personally relevant. Additionally, the cultural exchange component, including the introduction to Malay traditional dance and the visit to Masjid Al-Malik Khalid, was widely praised for fostering mutual understanding and appreciation. Overall, all participants emphasized the program's success in fostering cross-cultural dialogue, academic growth, and lasting connections, leaving a lasting impact on all involved.
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