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Siti Balqis Zulfigar

photo 2021 03 30 21 36 234    Dr. Siti Balqis binti Zulfigar
  Ext: 2113
  • Plant proteases
  • Enzyme purification and downstream processing
  • Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology


Dr. Siti Balqis Zulfigar is a senior lecturer at Bioprocess Technology Industry at School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia. As a strong advocate of green technologies, her research interest focuses especially on biocatalysis, enzymatic hydrolysis and unearthing bioactive peptides from natural resources. She welcomes research collaborations and potential postgraduate candidates to join her research adventure.



IBG 214: Enzyme Technology

IBA 405: Practicals of Downstream Processing

IBK411: Quality Assurance and Safety of Bioprocess Products



  • Purification and Characterizations of Artocarpus integer leaf protease
  • Fibrinogenolytic activity of Artocarpus altilis latex
  • Evaluation on the potential of Artocarpus altilis latex as enzymatic debridement agent. 
  • Mineral binding peptides and proteomics analysis of Malaysian marine organisms.

Postgraduate opportunities




1. Siti-Balqis, Z., & Rosma, A. (2020). Serine protease from Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) latex. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 411, No. 1, p. 012014). IOP Publishing.

2. Siti-Balqis, Z., Rosma, A., Kim-Teck, L., & Ismail, M. N. (2018). Artocarpus altilis latex polypeptides: An insight into its fibrino(geno)lytic activity. Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology16, 467-475.

3. Balqis, Z. S., & Rosma, A. (2011). Artocarpus integer leaf protease: Purification and characterisation. Food chemistry129(4), 1523-1529.



Peer reviewer of:

  • 3Biotech
  • Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins


Dr. Siti Balqis Zulfigar

Bioprocess Technology Division,

School of Industrial Technology,

USM, 11800,

Penang, Malaysia.

Phone: +604-6532113

Email: balqiszulfigar@usm.my





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