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IMK421/2 Primary Products Technology

Course Details

  • Credit: 2
  • Semester: 1
  • Prerequisites: none


This course covers the chemistry and technology of two important commodities in Malaysia, namely, starch (with emphasis on sago starch) and commercial oils/fats (with emphasis on oil palm). Applications of relevant chemical and physical principles in food formulation and processing will be discussed.

Course Objective

This course is designed to expose undergraduates to the chemistry, processing and technological aspects of the primary commodities in Malaysia; with special emphasis on sago and palm oil.

Course Content

 ➤ Chapter 1: Introduction for Starch Chemistry and Technology
 ➤ Chapter 2: Modification of Starch Functionality
 ➤ Chapter 3: Starch Selection and Applications
 ➤ Chapter 4: Physicochemical Properties and Applications of Sago Starch
 ➤ Chapter 5: Introduction for Chemistry and Technology of Fats and Oils
 ➤ Chapter 6: The Production of Oils
 ➤ Chapter 7: Refining Practice and Oil Modification Processes
 ➤ Chapter 8: Processing and Utilisation of Palm Oil

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1. Describe the composition, structure, basic chemistry, physical properties, and selected chemical reactions mechanisms of starch molecules and fats/oils.
2. Explains processing in the production of starch and oil and its derivative products and various types of modification.
3. Describes the implications of processing on physico-chemicals, functional properties, storage and product quality/stability of starch and fat/oil.
4. Describe orally the chemistry, processing and technologies of starch and fat/oil with confidence.


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