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IMK407/3 Food Safety

Course Details


This course focuses on practices that will ensure production, processing and preparation of safe foods. Topics covered are type of contaminants, types of soils and their interaction with contact surfaces; various cleaning operations; election, application and safety of detergents and sanitizers; Code of Food Hygiene; Food safety management tools such as GMPs/GAPs/SSOP/HACCP, risk management, food toxicology and food allergens will also be covered in this course.

Course Objective

This course is designed to discuss the importance of risk assessment sanitisation and HACCP  implementation to ensure food safety.

Course Content

 ➤ Chapter 1: Food Hygiene and General Hygiene
 ➤ Chapter 2: Water
 ➤ Chapter 3: Soils
 ➤ Chapter 4: Surface Technology
 ➤ Chapter 5: Corrosion of Surfaces
 ➤ Chapter 6: Cleaning
 ➤ Chapter 7: Detergents
 ➤ Chapter 8: Sanitisers
 ➤ Chapter 9: Code of Practice for Food Hygiene
 ➤ Chapter 10: Good Manufacturing and Good Agricultural Practices
 ➤ Chapter 11: Prerequisite Programs and HACCP
 ➤ Chapter 12: Risk Analysis for Food
 ➤ Chapter 13: Food Toxicology
 ➤ Chapter 14: Food Allergens
 ➤ Chapter 15: Mycotoxins

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1. Identify contributing factors towards food hygiene compliance at premises and food factories.
2. Analyse situations to identify food safety problems.
3. Develop HACCP and various food safety management systems.
4. Describes orally systematically topics on food safety in groups.


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