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IWK102/4 Basic Bioresource Science and Technology

Course Details

  • Credit: 4
  • Semester: 1
  • Prerequisite: none


This course is a basic introduction to the structure of bioresource and organisation of wood anatomy – fibre, vessel, parenchyma. Wood cell ultrastructure – cell wall organisation, microfibril. The physical property of wood; moisture content, shrinkage and wood swelling, density. The mechanical property of wood; wood-flexural strength, compression, tension, shear, impact, MOR, MOE. Natural resistance of wood. Degradation and wood destructive agents – termites, fungi, insects, borer, parasite and control. Electrical and acoustic properties of wood. Preservation - chemicals (CCA, boric-borate, etc), preservation schedule. Wood drying - kiln and air-drying process, the relationship of water vapour movement in wood drying, degradation resulting from drying and ways to reduce degradation. Production and machining of sawn timber.


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