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What is Bioresource Tech all about?


  Degree: Bachelor of Technology (Honours) (Bioresource)

  At Bioresource Tech, a three-and-a-half-year programme is all about applying sustainable and natural resources to advance humankind. This established 30-year-old programme is designed to equip you with knowledge of the latest technologies related to bioresource and the paper and coatings technology that usually comes with it.

We pride ourselves on our practice sessions and facilities to gain ample hands-on experience in the lab and theory-based classes. You will undergo industrial training to enhance your knowledge of the industrial world. You will get to be creative in your research project in the final year, where you can explore innovative types of bioresources and embark on groundbreaking bioresource materials research.

Entry Requirements

Curriculum Structure (for cohort 2020/2021)

To learn more about our Bioresource Technology programme, please download our latest programme booklet.

A Career in Bioresource Tech

Bioresource Tech graduates are employed by various industries, especially wood, furniture, panel, pulp, paper, paperboard, recycling, inks, paints, adhesives, resins, coatings, and packaging materials. Other employment opportunities for graduates are in electronics, automotive companies, marketing, and public sectors. Graduates are in management, research, engineering, marketing, and production. Positions include process engineering, product development engineering, technical service engineering, research scientist, production supervisors, and quality control.


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