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Programme Educational Objective and Program Outcome

Program Educational Objective (PEO)

The Bachelor of Technology degree programs' general goal is to produce graduates who have specialized expertise in their respective technologies (Food, Bioresource, Environment, and Bioprocess) to meet the country's employment needs for various related industries agencies.

The Bahasa Malaysia version can be found at this link.

Therefore, the academic programs are designed to produce:

PEO1: Graduates who are competent to work and able to solve problems.
PEO2: Graduates who have communication and teamwork skills.
PEO3: Graduates who have leadership skills, a positive attitude, and professional ethics.
PEO4: Graduates capable of contributing to society's well-being and the sustainability of the environment.
PEO5: Graduates who have an interest in entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)

There are nine program outcomes or "PO"s for our undergraduate programs:

PLO1: Acquire the knowledge and skills in the area of technology-specialized (Knowledge)
PLO2: Demonstrate extensive technical skills in the area of specialization (Technical Skill, Practical Skill, Psychomotor)
PLO3: Identify and resolve issues and problems in a critical, creative, and innovative manner (Thinking Skill and Scientific Approach)
PLO4: Acquire the skill to communicate effectively in all walks of life (Communication Skill)
PLO5: Display a sense of responsibility and master social skills (Social and Responsibility Skill)
PLO6: Understand and manage the industry professionally and ethically (Professionalism, Value, Attitude, and Ethics)
PLO7: Manage current information and recognize the importance of lifelong learning (Lifelong Education and Information Management)
PLO8: Acquire entrepreneurial knowledge base for career development (Management and Entrepreneurship Skill)
PLO9: Function effectively as an individual and in a team with the ability to lead (Leadership Skill)
PLO10: Demonstrate the basics of digital skills for career development (Digital Skill)
PLO11: Demonstrate numeracy skills in all aspects of life (Numeracy)


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