School of Industrial Technology


Fundraising (Entitle for 100% single deduction (Subsection 44(6) Income Tax Act 1967)*)

The School of Industrial Technology, USM takes the initiative to establish a fund named Tabung Dana Endowmen PPTI, with the aim to enhance the quality of infrastructure and facilities for the betterment of teaching and learning as well as research conditions. The support from the public and industry to the development of excellent national skilled workforce is utmost appreciated.

Let's ensure outstanding practical learning & research competency

Funding for Teaching and Learning Laboratory Equipment

The enhancement of skills in operating technology-based equipment is important to improve student competence and marketability - to support the development of knowledge society.

Teaching and learning laboratory development

Upgrading the basic laboratory facilities/ infrastructure is necessary to maintain the quality of learning and student safety.

Development of knowledge transfer

Financing the development of space for the purpose of transferring knowledge to the public in the sustainable development of K-Economy.

*USM can provide receipt for tax deduction under Subsection 34(6)h Income Tax Act 1967, which is subjected to the approval of MOF and LHDNM.

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