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IUK208/3 Experimental Design with Computer Applications

Course Details

  • Credit: 3
  • Semester: 2
  • Prerequisite: none


This course discusses the Replication, Randomisation, Blocking, and Definitions in Experimental Design (Experiment, Treatment, Factor, Level, Experimental unit, Experimental design, Random, Replicate).

Completely Randomised Design: Randomisation, Analysis of variance, equal replication and unequal replication, Estimation of the Model Parameters, Comparison of Individual Treatment Means: Comparing of pair Treatment Means, Comparing with a control, orthogonal contrast.
Randomised Block Design: blocking, Randomised block design, Model and Assumptions, Missing values, Relative efficiency. Latin Square design Incomplete Block design: balanced incomplete block designs, Partially Balanced incomplete block designs.

Factorial Experiments (Designs): General factorial experiments, 2k Factorial experiment, 3k factorial experiment, Confounding, regression analysis, Response surface: Method of steepest ascent, Analysis of second-order model, Location of stationary point, Designs for fitting the first-Order and second-order models. Mixture experiments.


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